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Absorbing Chinese subconciously – leisurely reading to improve your Mandarin. 胡適 Hu Shi 夢與詩 Meng yu shi Dream and poetry: lyrics, pinyin, English translation, Priscilla Ahn – Dream, Edgar Allan Poe, A dream within a dream

Are you feeling unhappy when you learn Chinese? Are you feeling pressured when you are in your Mandarin class? Or are you intimidated by your Chinese teacher? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then I am sorry. … Continue reading

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Tips for learning Chinese character – formation & usage of characters – liu shu 六书 – xiang xing / pictograph /pictogram, zhi shi / indicatives / ideogram, hui yi / combined ideogram, xing sheng / phonetic-semantic compounds, zhuang zhu / mutual explanatories / transfer, jia jie /phonetic loans & deja vu lyrics

Many Chinese language learners feel each Chinese character is a complicated picture or puzzle. Even if they spend considerable time to recognize and practice writing the characters – after a few days – their memory of those characters is gone … Continue reading

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