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Tips for learning Chinese character – formation & usage of characters – liu shu 六书 – xiang xing / pictograph /pictogram, zhi shi / indicatives / ideogram, hui yi / combined ideogram, xing sheng / phonetic-semantic compounds, zhuang zhu / mutual explanatories / transfer, jia jie /phonetic loans & deja vu lyrics

Many Chinese language learners feel each Chinese character is a complicated picture or puzzle. Even if they spend considerable time to recognize and practice writing the characters – after a few days – their memory of those characters is gone … Continue reading

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Chinese characters – tips for learning Chinese characters – memory aid and mnemonics to learn Chinese characters. Also Complicated-Avril Lavigne (with lyrics)

Decode Chinese characters – useful tips for recognizing characters longer and effectively: painting images in your mind or making a story for the character you wish to remember Try to recognize Chinese Characters by rote is time consuming and the … Continue reading

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