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Chinese Zodiac rock – 十二生肖 Shi er sheng xiao 12 Zodiacs 王力宏 Leehom Wang Lihong: Mandarin lyrics, pinyin, English translation. Quotes of horoscope, astrology, Jackie Chan movie trailer

(Chinese lyrics) 王力宏 Wang Leehom 《十二生肖》 “12 Zodiacs” (feat. Jackie Chan) (English subtitle) If you like schoolhouse rock, grammar rock, American rock, money rock or science rock, then you might like this Chinese Zodiac rock:) In this song, the repetition … Continue reading

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2013 Lunar Chinese New Year – Year of the Snake — symbols or symbolic meanings of snake in Chinese culture, also famous Mandarin Chinese snake idioms, proverbs with pinyin and English translation

Dear readers: belated happy 2013 Lunar Chinese New Year to you. In Chinese culture, 蛇 shé (snake) is a symbol of intelligence, charm, and even auspiciousness. You might wonder why horrible snakes have such positive symbolic meanings. In Chinese mythology, … Continue reading

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