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  1. tonette says:

    Hi friend,
    Could you please translate this poem for me , thank you very much.

    清霜早晚至, 何草能不黃? 寧當念衰落, 政爾事容光

    • Shu says:

      Hi, this is an interesting poem. Hope you will like it, let me know if you have any question about this poem. Have good time learning Chinese:)
      Qiu1 yun2 you3 chun1 lu4
      Autumn rue has the greenery of spring

      Qiu1 yun2 you3 chun1 lu4, shu1 li2 zhao4 gu1 fang1.
      Autumn rue has the greenery of spring. The sparse fence reflects the lonely fragrant plant.

      Qing1 shuang1 zao3 wan3 zhi4, he2 cao3 neng2 bu4 huang2.
      Clear frost sooner or later will arrive. Which kind of grass would be able to not turn yellow?

      Ning1 dang1 nian4 shuai1 luo4, zheng4 er3 shi4 rong2 guang1.
      Rather to think about the coming decline now. At the present time work to decorate the appearance.

      Ji2 shi2 qie3 zi4 hao3, lai2 ri4 shu1 wei4 liang2.
      Without delay, at the time being we should treat ourselves well. The coming days will be different for they haven’t been measured yet.

      Written by 范成大 Fan4 Cheng2 Da4 of Song Dynasty
      From the book: The complete Shi and Ci poems of Fan4 Cheng2 da4

      Translated by Shu

      1 芸 Yun2: Rue (Ruta) is a genus of strongly scented evergreen subshrubs 20–60 cm tall, in the family Rutaceae. A well-known species is the Common Rue.

      2. 芳 Fang1: Originally an adjective, means fragrant, however here is used as a noun to refer to the fragrant plant – rue.

      3. 政尔 Zheng4 er3 means 正當 zheng4 dang1 — at this moment. It is a common phrase we found in Song Dynasty’s literature.
      For example:
      【政爾】正爾﹔正當。政﹐通“ 正 ”。 宋 辛棄疾 《永遇樂‧檢校停雲新種杉鬆戲
      作》詞﹕“投老空山﹐萬鬆手種﹐政爾堪嘆。” 宋 楊萬裡 《過楊村》詩﹕“政爾清
      和還在道﹐為誰辛苦不歸田﹖” 宋 陳巖肖 《庚溪詩話》卷下﹕“ 范蠡 忘名載 西子
      ﹐ 介推 逃跡累 山樊 。先生政爾無多事﹐聊把漁竿坐水村。”

      4. 容光 Rong2 guang1: rong2 and guang1 both mean brighten up, and hence it means to decorate or do some makeup to beautiful the appearance.

      5 Ji2 shi2 means timely, without delay.

      6 且 Qie3 means zhan4 qie3 at the time being.

      7. 殊 Shu1 means different.

      Poem Analysis:

      Lushi lüshi (traditional Chinese: 律詩; simplified Chinese: 律诗; pinyin: lǜ​shī; Wade-Giles: lü-shih) refers a specific form of Classical Chinese poetry verse form. One of the most important poetry forms of Classical Chinese poetry, the lushi was an eight-line regulated verse form with lines made up of five, six, or seven characters. This poem is a Five -character eight-line regulated verse (wulu):a form of regulated verse with eight lines of five characters each.

      All lushi forms are rhymed on the even lines, with one rhyme being used throughout the poem. Also, the tonal profile of the poem is controlled and that is why it is called regulated verses.

      The meaning is similar to Robert Frost’s poem
      Nature’s first green is gold,
      Her hardest hue to hold.
      Her early leaf’s a flower;
      But only so an hour.
      Then leaf subsides to leaf.
      So Eden sank to grief,
      So dawn goes down to day.
      Nothing gold can stay.

      Both poems all lament about good things or good time won’t remain forever; as sad and depressing as it sounds, it’s true. 何草能不黄 and nothing gold can stay pretty much means happiness or youth or beauty won’t last forever. The lesson we learn from these two poems are: Make the best out of everything we have in hands, cherish the time and the people we love, and even things won’t last forever, at least we would have beautiful memories. Seeing from the positive side: the best thing is no one can steal your memory away 🙂

      • tonette says:


        Thank you so much for your thoughtful explanation , you are not only a dedicated teacher but also a good poet too .
        I initially had problems with Ning1 and Zheng4 er3 but now I am so glad that you have explained them very well , this website is very nice for anyone who wants to learn or to get to know something about China , there are so much for me to learn here .

        Thank again for your help , keep up with the good work .
        Take care !

        • Shu says:

          You are very welcome:) That night when I was working on One Chinese sentence a day on one of the line from Mayday’s Starry Sky song, I mentioned about Robert Frost’s poem. And the next day, you asked about this Fan Cheng Da’s poem, what a coincidence ! It is my pleasure to help and I learn along the way too. I am glad that you enjoy the site, wish you great time on learning Chinese and happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Demor says:

    You really seem to like your songs and poems i love your websit none the less thank you for putting it up.

  3. Di Lee says:

    Happy Chinese New Year Shu!!! 🙂 nice to join and connect here on your site! I haven’t been able to access my studymorechinese page for some reason so I haven’t been able to respond but I love the Di Lee Chinese name choices! 🙂 still thinking about it. My music producer doesn’t like the definition reach love which I think is fitting and so cool! 🙂 will be back in touch again real soon! Xie xie!

    • Shu says:

      Hi Di,
      Happy Chinese New Year to you too, have a wonderful Dragon Year. Take your time to think about the names, and I will take some time to think of them too; it is not easy to come up a perfect name. Let me know if you need any help with lyrics. Thank you for visiting my website again and have a good singing day:)

  4. Eric says:

    Dear Shu
    Thanks again for the work you render daily ‘-‘
    Could you try to post and study the song “一千年以后” from 林俊杰
    我觉得好听哦 Thanks in advance!

  5. kelly says:

    how do you spell heart in chinese

    • Shu says:

      For heart, we say it is xin1 心. Jackie Chan has a song 明明白白我的心 ming2 ming2 bai2 bai2 wo3 de5 xin1 So clear is my heart.
      Check it out from the Chinese song list here. Thank you for visiting.

  6. 林炜哲 says:

    Dear Shu,

    Can you help to translate the lyric of this song?

    It’s 我爱的人 by Jordan Chan 陈小春

    Thanks in advance!

  7. Dear Shu,
    Thank you for making such an outstanding resource available to Chinese learners. Given the importance of tones in Chinese, do you agree it would be a good idea to display pinyin with tone marks instead of tone numbers? There are many tools available on the web that could help to convert tone numbers into tone marks for display on the web.
    Another suggestion I have is to group characters together by putting spaces in. In orthographically correct pinyin the same is done: syllables that belong together are written without a space in between. I hope you find my suggestions helpful. Thank you once again!

    • Shu says:

      Hi Marjolein,
      Thank you for the suggestion 🙂
      When I was in graduate school, we used Wade–Giles; and there is no tone marks in that Romanization system. When I started teaching the Chinese course, the school is using Pinyin. I am not really a big fan of pinyin, but it is an universal one now.
      It would be nice to use some different Chinese input methods, so yes, I might try it later:)
      As for grouping characters of phrases, it is good for analyzing the sentence structure. I did that when I was writing the Grammar posts sometimes just want to give the readers a better understanding. If you have any questions regarding the phrases, welcome to make any comments.
      Thank you for taking the time to write the comment, have a great new week and have fun learning Chinese. xiè xiè nǐ de jiànyì !

  8. Eric says:

    Dear Shu, I have a little request if possible. Would you know where to watch (streaming) or download the movie “You Are the Apple of My Eye 那些年,我們一起追的女孩” along with English subtitles? So far I find it hard to get it. Many Thanks. (If cannot find, 没事)
    Best Regards

  9. budi says:

    Hi Shu,

    Can you help to translate this song?

    Artist: A-Do 阿杜
    Title: 堅持到底

    Thanks in advance!

  10. Justin says:


    I’ve been trying to learn which one to use — 在,有 and 是 when indicating something or someone exists. Here are the examples.

    1) 保罗在西蒙后边。—> Paul is behind Simon.

    2)学校附近有很多饭馆儿和商店。 —> There are many restaurants and stores near school.

    3)桌子下边是莉莉的书包。—> Lili’s backpack is under the desk.

    I still don’t understand when to use which word…
    Please help!

    • Shu says:

      Hi Justin,
      在,有 and 是 are kind of confusing I know. These three words have some other usages, and here I am going to explain the basic usage of them to help you understand them.
      在 is a preposition word, it can be at, in, on, etc. depends what the sentence is.
      Your sentence 保罗在西蒙后边. 保罗在 (at) 西蒙后边 Paul is at the back of Simon. Zai4 functions as “at”

      有 is a verb which means “have”. Your sentence
      学校附近有很多饭馆儿和商店。If I translate it word by word, the sentence will be
      School nearby has a lot of restaurants and shops.
      So, the word you3 means “have or has”.

      是 usually means “is”.
      Your sentence 桌子下边是莉莉的书包. Lily’s book bag is under the table. Or literally: Table under is Lily’s bookbag.

      Check the Chinese grammar under the categories. There you can find detailed explanation about some grammar usages. For example for the usage of zai4, check
      If you need more help, let me know:) Have a great day.

  11. Confucius addict says:

    Dear Shu,
    I would like to know how you write the following quote of Confucius in Pinyin:
    ‘Whereever you go, go with all your heart’
    Many thanks!

  12. Learn Chinese Help says:

    A diligent learner asked me a question through’s facebook page. I think the answer will help other readers, so I list the question and my answer here.

    The question:
    I’ve seen a few of his videos but I have learned more from you than him.. The way you describe and teach, it drives a point home to me.. and a few times now.
    What I like about Mr. Wang ( taking me there – is that he is funny.

    I would like to ask you about this word ‘jiu’ .. I understand that ‘cai’ is ‘not until’ .. forms a link between a condition and a consequence .. but I do not understand how to apply ‘jiu’ .. I have audio lesson that had – jiu wo yige ren- ‘I am alone’ or ‘I am only one person’ .. so I thought ‘jiu’ meant ‘only’ .. but it seems that ‘jiu’ has usage for several means, yes??

    My answer:
    Yes, jiu has a lot of meanings. If you check the dictionary (my favorite online dictionary site is, then you will see Jiu means:
    at once / right away / only / just (emphasis) / as early as / already / as soon as / then / in that case / as many as / even if / to approach / to move towards / to undertake / to engage in / to suffer / subjected to / to accomplish / to take advantage of / to go with (of foods) / with regard to / concerning

    For the first definition — at once, we can use it this way:
    Your mom keeps calling you to eat again and again, and you can say:
    wo jiu lai, wo jiu lai. (I will come right away or at once)

    For the second definition — only
    You went out shopping, however you just realized that you got only five dollars, then you can say:
    wo jiu you wu kuai qian ( I only have five dollars)

    For the third definition – just (show emphasis)
    ta jiu shi zhe yang de yi ge ren (He is just this kind of person)

    The fourth definition – then
    ruguo ta bu lai, wo men jiu qu (If he not comes, then we will go)

    These are the common definition of jiu, some of the definition are less common or have to do with classic Chinese.

    For your sentence: jiu wo yi ge ren 就我一个人。(Just me one person or only me one person). Yes you are right, it implies the meaning of only and also showing emphasis- just.

    This makes me think of a very nice yet very sad song – wo bu yuan rang ni yi ge ren 我不愿让你一个人 by Mayday.

    Keep up the learning spirit and let me know if you have further questions.

  13. Jay says:

    hey Shu,
    just found this website through google and it looks very good! I was wondering if you could tell me how to say something like: “I ran for an hour.” or “I was there for 3 weeks.” and if you could explain the grammatical structure. thank you for your time!

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Jay,
      Thank you for visiting
      I ran for an hour. In Chinese we would say: wo3 pao3 le5 yi2 ge5 xiao3 shi2. 我跑了一个小时。or 我跑了一个钟头。wo3 pao3 le5 yi2 ge5 zhong1 tou2. Both 小时 and 钟头 mean hour. For the grammar structure:
      wo3 (pronoun, I) pao3 (verb, run) le5 (particle to show action has occurred or we can call it past tense marker) yi2 (number, one) ge5 (measure word for hour) xiao3 shi2 (noun phrase, hour).
      For I was there for three weeks, in Chinese we would say:
      wo3 zai4 na4 er5 san1 ge5 xing1 qi2. 我在那儿三个星期。星期 means weeks; another way to say weeks is li3 bai4 礼拜.
      Grammar structure: wo3 (pronoun, I) zai4 (preposition at) na4 (pronoun, there) er5 (suffix without meaning) san1 (number 3) ge5 (measure word) xing1 qi2 (noun phrase, week).
      Hope that helps, and wish you good luck. Let me know if you have further questions.

  14. Kay says:

    Lao shi, what is it that you wanted to tell me?

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Kay,
      Chinese 1 they are not going to be at the booth on Thursday, so I think we are not going to sit at the booth either. So, please tell Grant and Kelly that we cancel the Friday’s activity and you three can have a great long weekend. Please reply this message and also tell those two to make a comment on the site, so that I will know they know the info, otherwise, I will have to call them. Thanks Kay and have a good night:) I will send you an email too, just to make sure that you know this. You three can reply to my email if you want to, just let me know:)

  15. kellie says:

    lao shi,

    kay told me the cancellation about the booth on friday. Have a good weekend!

  16. Kay says:

    Hi lao shi, what was our homework for class tomorrow? I know it was the second vocabulary for lesson 13 but did you want both pages? Or just the first one. So page 81 AND 82 or just 81?

  17. Grace says:

    Hi Shu,
    This is Grace. 🙂
    I left a message for you in twitter as well. Just want to know whether you offer 1 on 1 speaking class for remote student?
    Please let me know, thanks!

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Grace,
      I sent you a reply on Twitter a few minutes ago. Right now I don’t offer Chinese lesson, but I might do it later on if I have more time. I might be able to help him or her find a tutor if I know what kind of content he or she wants to learn and where he or she lives. Also, how many lessons, how frequent or how long the duration will be?
      Your website looks very nice, did you hire some web designer to do the reconstruction? I was having a lot of database problem a few weeks ago:(
      Have a good weekend there.

  18. Kay says:

    Hi lao shi, I was wondering if I could interview you for my NHD project. The video has to be at least 45 seconds long. It is due Monday. Perhaps we could meet up this weekend. I am pretty booked on Saturday but maybe Sunday? I forgot to ask in class. my mistake.

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Kay,
      I will help you with this. We can meet at public library at 1:00 PM. What questions you will be asking me though?

  19. Kay says:

    just what you think of him and any history you know about him. Also if you were told stories about him when you were younger and if so what are they, stuff like that.

  20. Kay says:

    1pm on Sunday works with me. however i have to be somewhere at 2. So it‘ll have to be a fast interview.
    Thank you! 谢谢你!

  21. chinese12345 says:

    Could you please translate
    What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly
    Into chinese?
    In pinyin and in symbols?
    Thank you very much!!! =)

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      This Richard Bach’s quote is quite meaningful and interesting. The quote comes from Illusions, one of his books.
      I would translate it as:
      What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.
      máo mao chóng suǒ wèi de shì jiè mò rì , zhǔ rén chēng zhī wéi hú dié .
      The quote is about metamorphosis or changes. When facing certain point of life, one can interpret the status of changes as a dying or a reborn, depends on how the person perceives it.
      Think positively and have fun learning Chinese!

  22. chinese12345 says:

    Thank you very much!!! =)
    This quote means a lot to me!!! =D

  23. Eric says:

    Dear Shu

    我现在放假了, 到月底

    I will try to get back to this platform in learning Chinese, as soon as I unblock Youtube (for the videos)

    “到不了” from “李代沫”
    Let’s study it? 🙂

    Lets play tennis together also.
    Wish you could visit China any soon


    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Eric,
      I thought you probably stopped learning Chinese, guess I am wrong again. I am doing OK, thank you for asking. Have a wonderful Year of Snake there in China.
      到不了 of 李代沫 seems nice 🙂 I will translate it. I never heard of this singer before, thank you for introducing him to me:)
      I don’t know which part of China I will visit, my brother and his wife will be the ones who make all the travel plan. Hope you enjoy your time in Guangdong province, the gourmet state. Enjoy your food from the air, sea as well as the ground.
      You can expect the song translation in a few days. I am glad that you are learning Chinese still. Keep the learning spirit up. 蛇年行大运。

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Here it is Beautiful vocal of China 李代沫 Li Dai mo 到不了 Dao bu liao Can’t reach it: lyrics, pinyin, English translation, singer background information, quotes of reach and 我的歌声里 Wo de ge sheng li You exist in my song
      It is a lovely song, thank you for letting me know:)
      You have very excellent taste on songs! Honestly.

  24. 姚平波 says:

    Dear Teacher Shu,
    Following to our discussion on facebook, please find the following glossaries of Confucian Religion Textbooks for primary school. The full texts of the books can be downloaded from

    In that website, there are 6 primary textbooks compiled 3 years ago, thus there are 6 lists of glossaries which I have not corrected. But on the followings, I have tried to revise the entry because each entry should not capitalized unless necessary according to 拼音正词法规则。I found that the capitalization in pinyin is not so detailed as in English in terms of words relating to time.

    Please forgive me. I have tried to copy paste the glossary here but failed. I do not know how to do it.

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi 平波,
      I clicked the link, and it only showed
      ©2011 | Valid XHTML | CSS and nothing else.
      I don’t know Indonesian, so it is very hard for me to navigate on that site.
      Can you send those pinyin phrases with Chinese characters which you think are the most troubling phrases to me, so that I can take a look? Pinyin has certain rules, if you check the link I sent to you earlier ( ), then you will be able to make pretty standardized pinyin glossaries for your students. Please read the link first, and check your glossaries, and let me know how I can help you next.

  25. Kay says:

    Yunhan will be coming and she wants to go on March 1st. She will talk to her teacher and will be at school at 5:45.

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Thank you Kay for delivering the message:) I am glad that we will have enough students to attribute the flyers.

  26. Toni says:

    Love the site but have one moan. Cannot access youtube at all as I am in China. I really want to listen and learn some of the songs on this site. Is there any way I can do so ?

  27. Kay says:

    Hi lao shi, how many sentences will we need to know for each grammar structure on the final?

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Kay,
      One for each sentence structure. For question pronoun that one, you need to make a dialogue. Such as A: 你喜欢喝什么饮料? B: 我什么饮料都不想喝。Also, you need to provide English translation for your Chinese sentences, so that I can check your comprehension ability.
      Have a good night:)

  28. Alexander says:

    Hi! It seems impossible to find a decent chinese radio station on the web. Even on services like tunein, the chinese stations seems to be non-functional or very slow-buffered which makes them impossible to listen to.
    It would be great if you know any good radio stream on chinese that WORKS. 🙂
    Thank you for a great page.

  29. Kay says:

    Hi Lao shi, what is the homework for Chinese 3? I was sick so I stayed home today. That is why I was not in class. Sorry

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Kay,
      Hope you will be feeling better soon! I will email you with this week’s lesson plan attached. You can also come and see me tomorrow to get the materials for this week if you come to school tomorrow. If I am not in Chinese room, then I will be in room 131. Take good care!

  30. MIke says:


    You haven’t heard from me before. I’m the Language Marketing and Publicity Coordinator at Tuttle Publishing. If you have not heard of Tuttle, we have been producing quality language books since 1948 and are a market leader for Chinese language study books.

    I have identified Chinese to Learn as a prominent online organization and would like to ask you if you would be willing to review one or more books for us. Language learners truly listen to the opinions of important online personalities, like you. I believe we have some great Mandarin books and would love to hear your opinion.

    Please let me know what you think.

    Best regards,

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Mike,
      Yes I am glad to help. I will contact you through email. Thank you for visiting and wish you a great weekend there!

  31. Lorraine says:

    Ni hao!

    First off, I just found your site and I absolutely love it! Second, which is why I stumbled upon your site, I am having trouble with my Integrated Chinese Level 1 Part 1 workbook. My Chinese teacher speaks rather poor English, so it’s difficult asking her questions. I’m not sure you will have the answer, but I figure it won’t hurt to ask. In the workbook, it has two different dialogue exercises, textbook dialogue and workbook dialogue. Where do I find the workbook dialogue? I have searched all through the workbook, but can’t seem to find it. Maybe I’m blind and just overlooking it. Thank you!


    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Lorraine,
      Welcome to Chinesetolearn:) If you can’t find the dialogue in the workbook itself, then I think it would be in the CD. The integrated Chinese textbook and workbook come with CDs.
      Have fun learning Chinese and listen to Chinese songs!

  32. Khoo Hai Chew says:

    I am a Chinese Malaysian educated in an English medium school.
    Now I am retired and forcing myself to learn PinYin Chinese.

    I find your website a tremendous help.
    Part of my learning is to get the right pronunciations.
    I have chosen to learn to listen to simple Chinese songs.
    I have seen the Ma Ma Hao song with the pinyin lyrics and translation.

    How can I download them so that I can print them and learn to sing them from recordings?


    Hai Chew

  33. Alvin Chu says:

    I’ve been studying Chinese for the last 6 months in Australia and just saw this website today and it’s amazing. Do you know where I can find speaking partners online so that I can practise my Chinese?

    Thank you

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Alvin,
      There are some, for example, is a learning Chinese community which you can find some native speakers who are willing to help.
      Thank you for visiting and wish you a nice Thanksgiving holiday:)

  34. Anthony says:

    My friend used some sentences that I don’t understand and cannot translate to English. These are:
    Thanks in advance


    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Anthony,
      I think your friend made some typos. 䛦何不僮 is one of them. I think his or her main point is:
      Chinese New Year is different from Christmas. Today, let’s talk about Australia’s Christmas. For western education, it (Christmas) is also an important holiday.

  35. Ade says:

    Hi Shu,

    can you help me? i need mandarin birthday song for my grandma called zhu shou ge. Do you know where i can download it?

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Ade,
      The link has music:
      This is Cantonese version: (Sorry, I was not able to find a Mandarin version.)
      and this is the lyrics:



      恭祝你 福寿与天齐 庆贺你生辰快乐
      年年都有今日 岁岁都有今朝
      恭喜你 恭喜你
      恭祝你 福寿与天齐 庆贺你生辰快乐
      年年都有今日 岁岁都有今朝
      恭喜你 恭喜你

      恭祝你 福寿与天齐 庆贺你生辰快乐
      年年都有今日 岁岁都有今朝
      恭喜你 恭喜你
      恭祝你 福寿与天齐 庆贺你生辰快乐
      年年都有今日 岁岁都有今朝
      恭喜你 恭喜你

  36. Sharon says:

    Hi Shu,

    This is such an amazing website that you build! I came by it when I was looking for some ideas for my translation project. I am translating 李商隱’s 錦瑟 at the moment; I was wondering if I could borrow your translation of 藍田 as Indigo Mountain? I thought the color much more apt and the sound much more poetic than the literal translation, Blue Field. I would only use it with your permission and proper citation, of course. (If you agree, how would you like me to cite your website?) Thank you!


    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Sharon,
      You are welcome to do so:) For citing the website, please check:
      Good luck with your translation project, and wish you a prosperous Year of the Horse!!


      • Sharon says:

        Hi Shu,
        Thank you so much!
        I can’t really find your full name on the website. Could I find it somewhere or would you like me to keep your name simply as Shu in my citation?
        Many thanks again, and may you have a wonderful Year of Horse as well!

        • Learn Chinese Help says:

          Hi Sharon,
          Just use Shu will do. You are very welcome. Have fun translating the poem, it is one of the most beautiful ones:) Enjoy and have fun!

  37. J says:

    Hello. Thank you for translating many chinese songs and poems. I really enjoy visiting your website

    Btw, could you please translate the remaining poems of nalan xingde from the tune of chang xiang si. I was curious with nalan xing de after reading one of the translation you did on one of his poem.

    Could you please translate this one?



    Thank you so much.

  38. J says:

    Hey thank you. Ill be waiting for the translation! Cheers!

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi J,

      For Nalan Xingde’s poem’s English translation, annotation and poem analysis, please see:
      纳兰性德 Nalan Xingde 词 Ci 蝶恋花 Die lian hua To the Melody of Butterflies Chasing Flowers 出塞 Chu Sai Out of the Great Wall: lyrics, pinyin, English translation, annotation and poem analysis

      • J says:

        thank you so so much for the detailed translation. it is really a sad poem. again thank you for you time and effort 😀

  39. Kristýna Tabačíková says:

    Please, can you help me with finding sheet music to song Zheng Jiu from Jackie Chan? Now I have a text and I need a music too. :))

  40. J says:

    Hi Shu

    I was wondering, if you know a poem called 暗香? Deep fragrance?

    Thank you

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi J,
      I only know that there is a line 暗香浮动月黄昏 in the following poem.
      林逋 《山园小梅》,

  41. 墨莲 says:

    Hi Shu

    Your website is great…
    Are you Chinese?

  42. HUSKY says:

    Hi Shu

    This website is amazing. You are amazing !How long have you been learning Chinese?And could you please translate the song SOMEONE LIKE YOU into Chinese?
    Thank you..

  43. J says:

    Hello! Im writing again to ask about poem. Do you know ” 御街行 ” , by ” 范仲淹 ” (if im not mistaken) ? if you do , could you please translate it in detail? thank you so much

    im truly fascinated with chinese poem. less words but conveys lots meaning. how about you? are you into poems too?

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi J,
      I will translate it within 3 weeks:) I do like poems. They are just like songs that express what poets felt in heart. Classics poems are more concise and graceful than lyrics of songs.

      • J says:

        thank you so much. yes.. are there any famous modern poets? beside jay chou? (i assume hes one, since many of his songs are poetic, hard to comprehend)

        • Learn Chinese Help says:

          Hi J,
          You are very welcome:) Jay Chou, I think he did not write the lyrics for his songs. He is a good composer, but someone wrote the lyrics.
          Two of modern poets I like are 郑愁予 and 席慕容:)I remember I had a few their poems translated on the site.

          • J says:

            I see! I always thought that he wrote his own lyrics. thanks for the info, I shall check them out

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Here it is. 范仲淹 Fan Zhongyan 御街行 Yu jie xing 秋日怀旧 Qiu ri huaijiu Autumn nostalgia Ci 词 poem: lyrics, pinyin, English translation, analysis
      Hope it helps.

  44. tony says:

    Hi Shu

    i wonder if you know the title of this chinese song

    need your help to press the virtual piano keys

    fga ga c1 a gf gd
    fga ga c1 d1 c1 agfg

    thanks in adv

  45. Cjuan Lee says:

    Hi Shu – am glad to find your website. I would very grateful if you could translate the following: [1] 會英靈 悲喜倆交胸深情隱內衷 [2] 一 声 声 (I have yet to find someone who is able to explain this meaningfully). Thanks, Cjuan

    [1] 一 声 声 – nobody seems to be able to translate this meaningfully

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Cjuan,
      Literally translate it would be: Meeting with heroic spirit, with sorrow and joy, these two emotions twisted in the chest. Deep feelings hides in the bottom of heart. Sound after sound …
      There should have something after 一 声 声 to make it complete in meanings.
      Hope it helps.

      • Cjuan Lee says:

        Wonderful, Shu – thanks a million!

        You’re right the second sample was incomplete and is certainly difficult to translate without the context.

        一 句 句 我 血 淚 告, 一 聲 聲 我 呼 唤 着

  46. Cjuan Lee says:

    Hi again, I forgot to say that there are quite a few similar phrases where a certain word is duplicated and I am wondering it is done for emphasis or whether they are used to intensify something. Could you please clarify the situations in the following usages:

    [1] 一遍遍我自己想 一聲聲我自己問 

    [2] 一次次我對你說 一番番我對你問 

    [3] 雲飄飄 水瑩瑩

    [4] 夜深深 寂靜靜

    They all appear in the same song lyric, parallel structures appear serve to drive home a certain message but am not sure about this. Your explanatory comments should offer welcome insights on the matter. Thanks, Cjuan

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Cjuan,
      Yes you are right. It is very common to have the reduplication to show emphasis and also to intensify the feeling or descriptions. Good job:)

  47. Dave says:

    汪峰– 怒放的生命…
    Hi Shu can you translate this song for me into pin yin..this is a very nice to learn it…even i dont understand mandarin…tq

  48. Cjuan Lee says:

    Hi Shu, would you please translate the following into English … have looked all over but couldn’t any site explaining what the following means. I left out the first two lines as they are quite clear and need not be included here… Thanks a million! Cjuan

    心地清淨方為道 [also 六根清淨方為道]

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Cjuan,

      To move back one step (the situation will turn out to be like) wide sea and sky.
      Only with pure and peaceful mind then can be considered as the right way. ( To be free from human desires and passions, then it can be counted as the right way.)
      Then (you will realize that) retreating one step actually is moving forward.
      In your last line, there should be a 退, so it is 退步原來是向前.
      Hope that helps.

      • Cjuan Lee says:

        Thanks for the effort, Shu. Deeply appreciated. My feeling is that there’s a lot left unsaid between the lines in the actual poem… for instance, the linking of the sky and sea with the freedom from human desires and passions and the consequent progress (a step forward) … that you decoded well here. Cjuan

        • Learn Chinese Help says:

          Hi Cjuan,
          海阔天空 and 六根清淨 all are common Chinese idioms.
          In Buddhism, 六根 the six roots of sensation – eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind. When the six roots are peaceful and quiet, then people can be free from human desires and passions.
          海阔天空 literally wide sea and sky = boundless open vistas = everything is not constricted at all.

  49. cjuan says:

    Hi Shu, thanks for the note about the Buddhist context. You’re right there. I am in the process of compiling a hymnal for some society and some of the songs are religious and have a Taoist/Buddhist theme. I was going to ask you about “liu gen” but you beat me to it and provided the needed explanation. So, thanks indeed! There is one song on Guanyin below that I have some problems understanding, so perhaps you could help me out here? I am copying out the whole lyrics to provide you the adequate context. The parts I do not understand are in larger font and also underlined. The two words “linggan” I singled out towards the end of the lyrics puzzle somewhat as they seem to apply to 2 different objects, one animate and the other inanimate. Could you please throw some light on this? What is the exact sense of “linggan”


    南无观世音菩萨 大发慈悲心 功行海洋深
    驾慈航渡迷津 感化有缘人 四种无畏
    三十二化身 千手及千眼 降伏众魔军
    大慈大悲救苦救难 灵感观世音 莲座涌慈云
    随处现金身 杨枝水洒凡尘 甘露润群生
    朝念观世音 暮念观世音 念念从心起
    念念不离心 永离八难 一切灾殃苦厄化为尘

    Also: [1] meaning of 灵感歌
    [2] meaning of 灵感观世音

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Cjuan,
      I can’t what you highlight or underline. Can you put ** around the phrase that you are not sure, so that I can help you with those. Thank you.

  50. cjuan says:


    南无观世音菩萨 大发慈悲心 * 功行海洋深 *
    驾慈航渡迷津 *感化有缘人* * 四种无畏*
    三十二化身 千手及千眼 *降伏众魔军*
    大慈大悲救苦救难 *灵感* 观世音 莲座涌慈云
    随处现金身 杨枝水洒凡尘 甘露润群生
    朝念观世音 暮念观世音 念念从心起
    念念不离心 *永离八难* *一切灾殃苦厄化为尘*

    Also: [1] meaning of *灵感* 歌
    [2] meaning of *灵感* 观世音

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Cjuan,
      功行海洋深 achievements and deeds as deep as oceans.
      感化有缘人 to influence and reform those people who have related predestined affinity.
      四种无畏 four kinds’ fearlessness. For explanation of 4 kinds, please see
      降伏众魔军 vanquish numerous devilish armies.
      灵感 inspiration.
      永离八难 forever depart from eight disasters. For 八难, see
      一切灾殃苦厄化为尘 all disasters, bitterness, distresses will be changed into dust.
      [1] meaning of *灵感* 歌 The song of 观音 will offer inspiration to people.
      [2] meaning of *灵感* 观世音 very spiritually effective and affectionate.
      Hope that helps and take care.

  51. Cjuan Lee says:

    Wonderful stuff, Shu, and my heartfelt thanks for putting so much effort into the translation. I
    apologize for this belated response. I will now have to convert the text into lyrics and this is going to take a while. If I succeed I may upload the song onto youtube… (am doubtful of this), I will send you the URL. Thanks again, Cjuan

  52. cjuan says:

    Hi Shu

    Yes, I’ve done the lyrics and even produced the tutorial video and uploaded onto youtube. Somehow it got done even when I was quite incredulous about the prospect of that happening. The URL is:

    B 37a/b: The Quintessential Bodhisattva [觀音灵感歌] Pg 23 c/d

    I also posted another tutorial video I did a little earlier – I also thought it was impossible to render the text into lyrics but it also happened willy-nilly. The link is at

    B 42a/b: Avalokiteśvara [Tune: 三个字] Pg 26a/b

    Both videos are recorded at a slower pace than normal as they are intended to be tutorial videos and form part of a self-learning kit I am doing for the IKT/YGD organization.

    Thanks again for your assistance in elucidating parts of the text for me!

    Wishing you a great and happy Chinese New Year!


  53. Carolina says:

    Hi friend !
    Could you translate these verses for me? It’s a abstracted from 《康熙大帝》


    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Carolina,
      When the first time Empress Dowager Xiao Zhuang sent off her grandson, Emperor Xuan Ye, to attend imperial court, her last words of advice were: “The sky of Great Qing days is holding up by you,the earth of Great Qing is stepped on freely by you, and all the people of Great Qing are all your subjects and citizens.”

  54. Aaron says:

    Can you please translate “live like you are dying” into Chinese for me! Thank you 🙂

  55. Cjuan says:

    Shu, hi and hello!! Yes, I’m back again after a considerable break. Yes, the project is over and I’m now actively uploading some completed songs onto Youtube. To enable me to lodge them in the Chinese section of Youtube, I will need to tweak the captions. The following (underlined texts) are the titles of some of the songs to be uploaded soon.

    I am wondering if you could do me another favor – rendering them into Chinese equivalents. They need not be literal translations, of course. Given the huge treasury of Chinese sayings, metaphorical equivalents esp. the short, pithy ones, would be ideal. And, once more, this goes with my heartfelt gratitude: THANK YOU!!

    01. The Path of Truth and Peace.

    02. Life-Giving Grains (a reference to the preciousness/importance of rice in sustaining life)

    03. Visions of World Peace and Harmony

    04. Heaven on Earth

    05. Truth is the Light and Guide of Life

    06. Golden Opportunity

    07. Where Charity and Love Prevail

    08. Words of Wisdom

    09. Hymn for the New Millennium

    10. Thanksgiving Ode

    11. Passing Time On Planet Earth

    12. Words of Life

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Cjuan,

      Sorry for the late reply:) Hope it helps. Have a great new week there.

      01. The Path of Truth and Peace. 真理与和平之路。

      02. Life-Giving Grains (a reference to the preciousness/importance of rice in sustaining life)给予生命的榖粒

      03. Visions of World Peace and Harmony 世界和平与和谐的愿景

      04. Heaven on Earth 地球上的天堂

      05. Truth is the Light and Guide of Life 真理是光和生命的指南

      06. Golden Opportunity 千载难逢的黄金机会

      07. Where Charity and Love Prevail 慈善和爱洋溢之处

      08. Words of Wisdom 智慧之言

      09. Hymn for the New Millennium 新千禧年的圣歌

      10. Thanksgiving Ode 感恩颂

      11. Passing Time On Planet Earth 在地球上经历过的时间

      12. Words of Life 生命的语言

      • Cjuan Lee says:

        Wunderbar, Shu! Oh, you don’t have to apologize at all. I’m truly grateful for whatever crumbs I can get as I was about to tear out whatever hairs remaining on the scalp from encountering the linguistic knots and vexations.

        I’ve already input your translations of the titles, and append the URL of the channel below. Feel free to browse thru’ the videos lodged there esp. the ones that you have helped to provide titles for. And if you spot errors in any of the posted videos, do let me know so that I can make the needed amendments.

        Once again, a hearty thank you!

        URL of my channel:

        Click the folder “Tutorial Videos (KL-Malaysia Digital Hymnbook)” to see the videos lodged here. Feel free to check the general folder where I keep other videos that I have produced.

        Best regards, Cjuan

        • Learn Chinese Help says:

          Hi Cjuan,

          I am glad to know it helps:) I went on the Youtube Channel and it looks nice. Please let me know if there is anything regarding learning Chinese. Have a good May there.

  56. Betty says:

    你们好!can you translate these Lines? It’s. A summary of 关于宣传毛主席形象应注意的几个问题》的文件

  57. Howie Co says:

    I cant seem to find your audio lessons. I dont know where to start when I look at your categories. My chinese is intermediate level, trying to refresh my skills. Please advice. Thank You!

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Scroll down and see the right side, and you will find categories of this site’s content. You can look for basic Chinese or advanced Chinese lesson or one Chinese sentence a day. Also, if you like poems, you can click Chinese poem listening comprehension:) Have good time learning Chinese.

  58. Liam says:

    Hi I was just wondering if all the quotes in the Chinese characters have been translated and say the correct translation

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Liam,
      I tried my best to do the translation, so the accuracy should be not bad. Thank you for visiting.

  59. Nancy says:

    Is it possible to do a translation of this song?

    Hu Yang Lin- Xiang Shui You Du

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Nancy,

      I will check it out, and if I like it, I will translate it. If not, then not. Thank you for visiting.

  60. Jing says:

    Your website is a treasure for a beginner like me. I just started learning Chinese two months ago and, gosh, i found your website. I love that I can learn chinese characters, pinyin and translations all in one song/poem, brilliant. It all started with Taiwanese dramas and now I’m a fan of Mayday (Wu Yue Tian). Thank you Shu.

    I have a question. Do you mind if i print out some songs? and how do i print a song from your site as you disable the right-click mode?

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Jing,

      You are welcome to print out songs with printers. I do that to give lyrics handouts to my students. Have fun learning Chinese:)

  61. Lintang says:

    Good evening, Shu,,
    Can you translate the lyrics of origininal soundtrack C-Movie.
    曹轩宾 张含韵-初恋未满
    I’ve search for a long time, I didn’t find it. I Love it very much, it represents my feeling during a month. I want to know the message clearly, can you help me? thanks a lot

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Lin,

      I will check it out, and if I like it, I would translate it. thank you for visiting.

  62. Jac says:

    Hi! I have 2 chinese songs but i dont know the title and singer. Can u help me provide the lyrics. Thanks much!

  63. Collin says:

    I chanced upon your site while searching for the translation of Hebe’s 小幸运. I love your way of translating, individual words with the sentences and hanyu pinyin.
    Could I trouble you for a translation of A-Lin’s 幸福了 然后呢?

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Collin,
      I will check it out. If I like it, I will translate, if not, then not. Thank you for visiting.

  64. Sang says:

    can you transtale this song ?

  65. Josh says:

    Can you please translate this song for me? Thank you so much for considering!

  66. Mike Mcguire says:

    Hi Shu – your Chinese language help is great- learning a language through song lyrics is a great technique!

    I’m from Ezoic- a technology platform and a Google Certified Publishing Partner. We help websites like yours automatically improve ad locations and viewability- resulting in revenue increases of 60% or more.

    Would you like to hear more about how this could work for

    Thanks for your time Shu


    Ezoic UK

  67. Missy Elliot says:

    HI , Can you please translate the Chinese lyrics of Eric Chou – What love has taught us?

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Elliot,
      I will check that out, and if I like it I might translate it. Thank you for suggesting.

  68. Zach says:

    Hi can you translate 爱你 by 陈芳语, word for word? Thank you

  69. Maureen says:

    Hi, I just discovered this site. It’s great! Only one thing: i can’t print the song lyrics. I just want to print the lyrics, not all the other content showing on the page. I don’t seem able to copy paste. Any solutions?
    Many thanks.

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Maureen,

      You are welcome to print out the lyrics. That is what I do for my students. Thank you for visiting.

  70. gwen says:

    hi…can you please translate the song 翅膀 by JJ Lin. Thank you.

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      I will check it out. If I like the song, I will translate, if not, then not. Thank you for visiting.

  71. gwenevier says:

    what does do good,reap good,do evil,reap evil mean?

  72. Sergey Kostikov says:

    Hi, Shu! I was very impressed by this website. I started to learn Chinese recently – watching chinese movies, listening songs, try to accumulate knowledge as much as possibe. Thank you very much, Shu, for giving (preparing) the translations of very many songs! Can you give (prepare) the original lyrics of this one – 梅豔芳 – 是這樣的 (Anita Mui – Jungle Drums, Cantonese Cover). The translation into English is not necessary, it would be great just to get the original lyrics (I heard this song in 阿飞正传 (DAYS OF BEING WILD) movie). I got the mp3 of this song and want to know the lyrics.

    Thanks before for your response!

  73. Frank says:

    Hi there’s a typo on

    7 A gem will (not) be polished without carving…

    (not) is missing


  74. Brian says:

    Hi, thank you for running this site and for all that you do for your readers. Would this phrase be the same written vertically?: 飲水思源.

    If not, can you please write it vertically? Thank you.

  75. Elise Turner says:

    Could you please translate the quote by Lao-Tzu “To conquer others is to have power, to conquer yourself is to know the way.” From top to bottom. Please and thankyou.

    Kind regards,


  76. carlce says:

    Hi!its big a help for me,can you help me to have pinyin lyrics of this song thinking special love(si wei te love 2)(zhou yi han)sorry I really dont know in chinese I only translate.thank you and more power

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Carlce,
      Sorry for the late response. I probably won’t translate it. Thank you for the suggestion though.

  77. MaryAng says:

    I really love this Chinese saying, ‘Be not afraid of growing slowly, be only afraid of standing still’. Will you explain what does is it mean?

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Mary,
      不怕慢就怕站 (Bùpà màn jiù pà zhàn) means it is important to take action. If you do, then no matter how slow you are, at least you will see some progress. If you are just standing there, then there will be no progress at all.

  78. tonyl says:

    Hello Shu,

    Can you help to translate the lyric of this nice song?

    Thank you very much!

    • Learn Chinese Help says:

      Hi Tonyl,

      Thank you for the suggestion. I will take a look. If I like it I will translate it, if not, then not:)

  79. Thanks for the lyrics on 平安夜. Pls note that the pinyin for 光皎洁 should be guang ‘jiao’ jie. Thanks to make the amendments.

  80. Dana says:

    Do you have the translations to the Beijing Angelic Children’s Choir.
    2 of the songs are Clear Moon, Quit Winds and You you Zha.
    If you can help or point me in the direction to find the translations for these songs I would appreciate it.
    Thank you all the more.

  81. Stanton Hager says:

    Your presentation of Chinese poems in Chinese, pinyin, in several English translations, and with annotations is rare on the internet. I know a few other websites that present poems in this way: 1. 2. wengu.tartarie 3. East Asia Student.
    I know dozens & dozens of sites that present poems in Chinese or in English translation, but usually not both –and not with the addition of pinyin.

    Can you direct me to any other sites that present Chinese poems so completely? My chief interest is translating T’ang poetry, and I can only do an accurate job when I find online all the tools mentioned above.

    I’d greatly appreciate help from anyone.


  82. TC says:

    Please add Zhang Zi Hao – 可不可以 lyric for us to learn the song.
    Thank you very much!

  83. J says:

    Hi Shu,

    You are back!! happy to see you.

  84. v says:

    Hello, I was looking at your lyric page for GEM’s 泡沫, and I think there’s a pinyin mistake:
    美丽的泡沫 虽然一刹花火
    For 刹 sha1, cha4 is listed instead. My understanding is that this character can be pronounced both ways, but have different meanings. I believe sha1 is used in the context of the song.
    I would have left a comment on that web page, but I couldn’t find the comment box.
    Take care.

  85. Jenny says:

    I know I’ve heard 看一看 and 飞一飞。 but is 梦一梦 correct? does it sound weird?

    • Chinesetolearn says:

      Hi Jenny,

      Yes, it is OK, but we don’t use it often, and it is a bit strange to say that way.

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