Popular Hong Kong female singer 葉蒨文 Ye Qian Wen Sally Yeh Sally Yip 潇洒走一回 Xiao Sa Zou Yi Hui Truthfully, unaffectedly walk life once / Naturally and unrestrainedly walk once: Mandarin lyrics, Chinese pinyin, English translation, quotes of walk and walking, Dire Straits Walk of Life

潇洒走一回 Xiao Sa Zou Yi Hui belongs to 中国风 ( Zhongguo feng, Chinese Style Music) category with a mixture of modern Chinese and classic Chinese. With popular and catchy melody, it became one of the top songs in the year of 1991.

Ye Qian Wen
Sally Yeh
Sally Yip
Xiao Sa Zou Yi Hui
Truthfully, unaffectedly walk life once
Naturally and unrestrainedly walk once
Walk life truthfully once

tiāndì yōuyōu guò kè cōngcōng cháo qǐ yòu cháo luò
Heaven and earth last for ages; passing travelers hurry; tides ebb and flow
天(sky)地(earth)悠悠(long time)過(pass)客(quest)匆匆(hurriedly)潮(waves)起(up)又(again)潮(tide)落(down)

ēnēn yuànyuàn shēng sǐ báitóu jī rén néng kàn tòu
Grace and resentment, life, death and hoary head, how many people can see through?
恩恩(favor/grace)怨怨(resentment)生(life)死(death)白(white)頭(head)幾(how many)人(people)能(able to)看(see)透(through)

hóng chén a gǔn gǔn chī chī a qíng shēn jù sàn zhōng yǒushí
Ah, the red dust of mundane rolls on; no matter how infatuated are the deep feelings, all gathering and departing have their predestined time
紅塵(red dust mundane)啊(participle to express emotion/interjection of surprise / Ah! / Oh!)滾滾(rolling on and on)癡癡(stupid / foolish / silly) 啊(interjection of surprise / Ah! / Oh!)情(feeling)深(deep)聚(gather)散(depart)終(finally)有(have)時(time)

liú yībàn qīngxǐng liú yībàn zuì zhìshǎo mèng lǐ yǒu nǐ zhuīsuí
Half the time stay sober, half the time stay drunk; at least in the dreams I have you follow me
留(preserve)一(one)半(half)清醒(alert)留(preserve)一(one)半(half)醉(drunken)至少(at least)夢(dream)裡(within)有(you)你(you)追隨(follow)

wǒ ná qīngchūn dǔ míngtiān  
I gamble tomorrow with youth

nǐ yòng zhēnqíng huàn cǐ shēng
You use true feeling to exchange this life

suìyuè bùzhī rénjiān duōshǎo de yōu shāng hébù xiāosǎ zǒu yīhuí
Passing of time doesn’t know how much distressed feeling in the human world, so why not truthfully, unaffectedly walk life once?
歲月(years and months)不(not)知(know)人間(human world)多少(how many)的(connecting particle)憂傷(sadness)何不(why not)瀟灑(unaffectedly)走(walk)一(one)回(time)

Translated by Shu

Singer background information — 葉蒨文 Sally Yeh Ye Qian Wen:

Sally Yeh is a Cantonese pop singer in Hong Kong music industry as well as an actress in Hong Kong film industry.

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, she grew up in Victoria, British Columbia. Yeh’s singing career started in the early 1980s and gradually became a memorable diva whose career has expanded for three decades with a total of thirty albums, plus forty-odd compilations and live recordings. Yeh speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. Her jazz-trained vocals allow her to handle a wide range of musical genres. Apart from a good record track of original hits, Sally Yeh has, through the years, covered a number of Western songs, ranging from Madonna to Céline Dion by way of the Titanic theme song. She is most often considered the “Celine Dion of Hong Kong” due to her unique voice and the number of awards she has received in her career. In the 1980s-1990s, her popularity in Hong Kong was only matched by Anita Mui and Priscilla Chan.

To continue reading the article, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sally_Yeh

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Dire Straits Walk of Life LYRICS

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