Chinese Grammar Wiki — how to use le, word order, complements, shi de structure, ba, bei, and particle zhe and other grammar help sites. Also, grammar rock School House Rock

A beta version of the AllSet Learning Grammar Wiki has published recently. The site says it will gradually expand its content and add more grammar information and sample sentences. The Chinese Grammar Wiki divides its content’s difficulty into 4 levels with emphasis on:

* Beginner (Level A1)
o Basic sentence order
o Suggestions with ba
Also see
o Negation of past actions

* Elementary (Level A2)
o “Zai” following verbs
For zai see
o Expressing duration
o Expressing “a little too” with “you dian”

* Intermediate (Level B1)
o Expressing actions in progress (full form)
o Expressing the Self-Evident with “ma”
o Ba sentence
For ba sentence see

* Upper Intermediate (Level B2)
o Emphatic adverb “ke”
o Expressing Fractions with “fenzhi”
o Emphasizing the Doer of an Action with “you”

As a Chinese language teacher, I am glad to see Chinese Grammar Wiki’s emerging which definitely can offer some grammar help for Chinese language learners.
Chinese Grammar Wiki, the link:

There are some other good grammar help sites that you might want to check them out too:

University of Oxford CTCFL
Grammar Database

Unilans wiki

Yoyo Chinese

Yes, a song for grammar – hope it keeps you not from dozing off while doing your grammar – no matter it is Chinese one or English one:)
School House Rock

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