‘OMG Meiyu,’ a breakout hit Web show, schools Chinese in American slang — OMG Meiyu with Jessica Beinecke — translation works both way — learn English and learn Chinese too

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Translation is a good way to learn both languages at one time. OMG Meiyu OMG 美语 is aimed to teach Chinese students English slang, but in the other way, native English speakers can learn a great deal of Chinese sentences and phrases from it. It would be better if she could speak it a bit slower, but, watch it for a few more time to drill your listening won’t hurt 🙂
You can read the Washingtonpost.com for more info about this show.
Ayoung Chinese woman wanted to know: What is the English word for that gunky yellowish stuff in the corner of her eyes when she wakes up in the morning?

She turned to Jessica Beinecke, the 24-year-old host of an online travel video program aimed at young Chinese viewers, and Beinecke responded with a humorous segment for her show, explaining in fluent Mandarin and exaggerated gestures all the icky stuff that comes from the face.
The segment, called “Yucky Gunk,” went viral, garnering nearly 1.5 million hits. And all of a sudden a petite blond Midwesterner, who is not Chinese and only began studying the language five years ago, became an iconic translator of American slang for pop-culture-hungry Chinese fans.

“We are so lighthearted. I dance to Lady Gaga and . . . talk about boogers,” Beinecke said of the low-tech show, taped in front of a MacBook in her Capitol Hill apartment. “It’s a one-on-one conversation with an American.”

The popularity of the show, called “OMG! Meiyu” and produced by Voice of America, has not escaped the notice of the agency’s executives, who recognize that hip and eccentric programming is vital to connecting with youths, many of whom prefer to go online than follow the stiffer, more traditional news and cultural programs the agency transmits through satellite TV and short-wave radio.
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Let see some samples of OMG Meiyu

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